Oscar Night Out with BREVENA

  Gorgeous gowns, riveting films, and my favorite skin care products. There was little to leave desired at the 2016 Oscar Experience, hosted by Twin Cities Film Fest and the Aegis Foundation. With a bevy of BREVENA ladies, including Elizabeth Ries, we chatted skincare...

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The Answer To Your Eczema Woes

The vicious hot-cold cycle of moving between dry, frigid temps and overheated radiators is giving you skin some serious woes this winter. Nearly 31 million Americans agonize over eczema-related conditions. Don’t let itchy, reddened skin keep you up at night or deter...

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Review: Brevena Restorative Skin Balm

from: I Am The Makeup Junkie Brevena is a line of skincare products that is designed for skin in need of intense therapy. Their skincare products are for skin that has challenges such as eczema, extremely dry skin, dermatitis, psorasis, etc. Brevena is a line that is...

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New Year, New You: Skincare Resolutions for 2016

Say goodbye to your skincare routine from 2015. It’s time to make resolutions for 2016, and ones that will stick! We often make New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, diet or save money, but a resolution about taking better care of your skin never quite tops the...

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