Behind the Name “BREVENA”

Befitting its unique position as skin care evolved from burn care, the name BREVENA is a combination of “brennen”, the German word for “burn” and “Avena”, the genus name for oats.

Meet Susannah Courteau

our Skin Care Expert and Licensed Esthetician

Susannah is a Minnesota native who graduated from St. Paul College as a Licensed Esthetician in 2004.  Susannah’s passion for skin health drove her to the medical side of Esthetics, performing advanced skin treatments for complex conditions including acne, sensitized and irritated skin.  Susannah’s extensive training and expertise lead her to become an Advanced Practice Esthetician and Spa Director at Sunbear Salon & Medspa in White Bear Lake, MN.

Susannah partnered with BREVENA as a Skin Health Consultant to further develop the brands’ line of clinical skin care products, ensuring the needs of the most sensitive skin types are met. “I have a passion for treating complicated skin concerns like acne and sensitized, irritated skin.  I take on this challenge in my Minnesota climate where temperatures can range from -50 and dry to 100 and humid.”

“As an esthetician, I love the hydration level the BREVENA skin care products provide my clients.  They are not too heavy nor too light and the Macro β Complex delivers visible results by erasing all signs of dullness and dehydration in the skin.  BREVENA products improve the skins’ texture resulting in a smooth, dewy glow.  My clients with sensitive skin especially love BREVENA – the night cream is their favorite go-to product!”

Susannah Courteau, Skin Health Consultant and Licensed Esthetician

The History of Brevena

Over 20 years ago, our founder, Barbara Klein began a project that would profoundly impact the landscape of hospital burn care. With a focus on skins’ health at a cellular level, Barbara and her team discovered an ingredient (now known as Macro B Complex®) which had a transformative effect on those with burned and traumatized skin. It became clear that this technology not only helped patients with traumatized skin, but also individuals who experience everyday skin damage through the natural aging process and environmental stressors. Inspired by this discovery and fueled by our passion for helping others, we created a skincare line that is incredibly effective yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

“With BREVENA, you are treating yourself to a superior product with proven results, backed by years of scientific research and development.  Formulated with the transformative technology of Macro B Complex, BREVENA helps all skin types achieve optimum health and hydration.  We at BREVENA believe healthy skin is ageless and we know that you will personally enjoy all the benefits our products will bring to your skin.”

Barbara Klein, Founder 1957-2018