The History of Brevena

A Message From the Founder

I want to personally welcome you to our BREVENA skin care line.  I encourage you to experience for yourself, what our customers and countless medical professionals already appreciate, the beneficial effects of our ground-breaking Macro B Complex technology.

Our passion for healing was born in the burn units, where this proprietary technology not only transformed the world of hospital burn care, but more importantly the lives of the patients dealing with these traumatic skin injuries.  Thanks to our innovative approach to cellular skin health, these patients received the hope they needed to recover quickly.  It became clear that this technology not only transformed traumatized skin, but otherwise healthy skin as well, by reducing the signs of environmental and time-related skin damage.  It was through these discoveries that the BREVENA line of skin care products were born, and our passion for improving the lives of people everywhere, multiplied.

With BREVENA, you are treating yourself to a superior product with proven results, backed by years of scientific research and development.  Formulated with the transformative technology of Macro B Complex, BREVENA helps all skin types achieve optimum health and hydration.  We at BREVENA believe healthy skin is ageless and we know that you will personally enjoy all the benefits our products will bring to your skin.  Skin Matters.  Love Your Skin.®

1957 – 2018


BREVENA products are the only cosmetic skin care products to have evolved from over 20 years of successful medical use treating traumatized skin with Macro B Complex technology. Befitting its unique position as skin care that evolved from technology used to help burn patients, the name “BREVENA” is a combination of “brennen,” the German word for “burn,” and “Avena,” the genus name for oats.

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