BREVENA’s Guide for Packing for a Beach Vacation Using only a Carry On Bag!

 Brrr – the temps are frigid this time of year, no wonder a long, beachy weekend is on our minds. Now that the tickets are bought and your dream vacay is not far off, it’s time to plan what you will bring…and fit everything into a carry-on. A sun-kissed vacation doesn’t require a lot of items – you just have to pack smart. Here are our tips on what to bring so you don’t have excess baggage.

Clothing: Plan on fashions that are versatile and can easily have more than one purpose. A sarong can be your scarf to snuggle with on the plane and a wrap-skirt/dress for late afternoon cocktails.

Hair Products: This one is a no-brainer – ditch your heavy-duty products for a perfectly coiffed style. This is the beach, where humidity becomes your tresses’ middle name. Go for your hair’s natural wave and texture and accessorize with bobby pins, a colorful or jeweled hair tie or pull your locks into a messy bun or braid.

No-Makeup Makeup:  Foundation and smoky eyes are all a bit heavy for the casual, vacation style and can cause some serious t-zone shine as you sweat through it. Instead, pack simple makeup items such as mascara, lip gloss with a sheen and a peachy-toned blush for just the right amount of glow.

Moisturizer: Even if the air feels humid during your ocean side vacation, the sun will still parch your skin. Make sure you moisturize every night before slipping into bed. BREVENA’s Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream is perfect to use at night and wake ready for another day in the sun. This luxurious cream with Macro B Complex, helps restore, revitalize, and soften your skin while you sleep.