The vicious hot-cold cycle of moving between dry, frigid temps and overheated radiators is giving you skin some serious woes this winter. Nearly 31 million Americans agonize over eczema-related conditions. Don’t let itchy, reddened skin keep you up at night or deter you from wearing your favorite cashmere sweater.

Moisture is key: Keeping skin moisturized is essential to alleviating eczema irritations. The Restorative Skin Balm – Featuring the ‘Seal of Acceptance’ from the National Eczema Association ($49) is designed to repair, rejuvenate, and soften skin, while at the same time hydrate you from head to toe. With a history of treating the most traumatized skin, this balm provides key moisturizing properties and locks in hydration to protect and renew skin.

Make the room humid: Most likely your home is cozy-warm and the heater is buzzing. But, it is the heat that is causing your skin to become parched and itchy. Don’t scratch! Keep your humidifier humming throughout the night and your ski will feel the relief it is craving.

Cool down your shower: A nice, long, hot shower is just what the doctor ordered after a long workday or chilly morning. Hot water may feel delightful while in the shower, but it is harsh on your skin. Cool down the temperature a couple of notches and your skin will thank you.