This ground-breaking technology begins with oat beta glucan, a powerful botanical element found in the cell wall of an oat. Through BREVENA’s proprietary purification process, oat beta glucan is transformed into the healing powerhouse known as, Macro B Complex®. This technology has been trusted by doctors and plastic surgeons for over 20 years to successfully treat traumatized skin in burn centers nationwide. The unique, cellular friendly properties of Macro B Complex make it the ideal formula to calm sensitive skin, replenish severely dry skin, and soothe irritation while protecting skin from future damage and environmental age accelerators. It was from this discovery that the BREVENA line of skin care products were born, bringing the power of Macro B Technology® to consumers everywhere.


Researchers consider Macro B Complex® to be instrumental in the fight against daily environmental assaults such as pollution, free radicals and UV damage. It provides the essential moisture and protection necessary to minimize the aging process and maintain the health of your skin.


BREVENA’s Clinical Studies have shown improvement in:

  • skin texture
  • skin elasticity
  • skin moisture
  • luminosity
  • wrinkles


Medical professionals recognize and embrace the benefits and results of Macro B Complex for improved skin health.

How Macro B Complex Works

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