What makes BREVENA different?

We have over 20 years of proven medical success and history with our Macro β Complex, which is still in use in hospitals and burn units today and provides an ideal environment to manage healing and optimum skin health. We harnessed this technology and united advanced medical science and beauty in our luxury line of skin care products.

Are your products Steroid-Free, Fragrance-Free, and Dye- Free?

Yes. Our products do not contain steroids, fragrances, or dyes which allows the most sensitive or eczema-prone skin types to feel comfortable using them.

Why are BREVENA products so expensive?

Our luxury skincare products are concentrated and each tube and jar lasts two to three months with average use. Our prices are comparable to other luxury brands, but offer greater value because of the amount of product.

Are BREVENA products safe for sensitive skin?

All of our products have been clinically tested and cause no irritation, providing good hydration for sensitive skin. In fact, our Restorative Skin Balm features the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance which means as a product, it has been evaluated by the national eczema association and is suitable for use by persons with eczema or sensitive skin conditions. www.nationaleczema.org

Are BREVENA moisturizers suitable for oily skin?

Yes, while hydrating, our moisturizers are non-comedogenic and perfect for all skin types.

Were our products developed by a dermatologist?

These products were developed side by side with scientists in a medical setting and originally used in burn and wound applications. They have been dermatologist tested and endorsed by surgeons and nurses.

Are your products non-comedogenic?

Yes, they are non-comedogenic.

How long has BREVENA been in the market?

We have been in the medical burn arena for over twenty years. We have recently transitioned with the BREVENA brand into the consumer luxury skin care market beginning in 2015.

What are your key ingredients?

Our key ingredient is Macro β Complex, a botanical element extracted from the cell wall of the oat plant. It provides intense hydration, minimizes fine lines, improves skin tone and texture, and is suitable for all skin types. Additional ingredients can be found on our website on the products page.

Are you cruelty free?

We do not test on animals

Who can use your products?

Everyone. Our products work incredibly well to nourish and protect the skin barrier of all skin types.

Why are parabens in your products?

Parabens provide anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection to your skin care products. These keep your skin safe from germs and have been rigorously tested by the FDA to ensure safety is met for consumers.


Do our products contain alcohol?

See ingredients on our website’s product page

Are our products gluten-free?

Oats do not contain gluten, however through processing, we cannot rule out cross contamination from previously processed grains.

Do our products contain dairy?

See ingredients on website’s product page

Do any ingredients come from the ocean or sea?

No, no algae or ocean-based ingredients are used in our products.

Are your products dermatologist approved?

They are dermatologist and clinically tested.