It’s the season of simplification. The popularity of decluttering, the overflowing thrift stores, and minimalistic design aesthetics echo the sentiment, “less is more”. How does that apply to your self-care? Is there a balance between fewer products while achieving the results you desire? Creating a minimalist skincare routine can save both time and money. Dermatologists agree, find a simple routine, and be consistent to see the best results. Here is what we suggest for your minimalist skincare routine. 


Save your $$. Keep it simple when it comes to cleansers. For heavy or waterproof makeup, you may need an oil-free makeup remover, but for light makeup and sunscreen, a gentle creamy cleanser (if you are dry) or a foaming cleanser (if you are oily or acne prone) should be adequate. The key is to take at least 30 seconds to work the product into your skin, giving the formula time to dissolve oil and impurities. Rinse clean and move to step 2. 


Serums, tonics, actives, and many other names; these products are designed to target the big concerns you may have with your skin, like sun damage, large pores, and fine lines. These are the first products to be applied after cleansing, with the goal of allowing these powerful ingredients to quickly absorb and go to work. Some favorite ingredients include Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinols, beta-glucans, and other acids like BHAs or AHAs. BREVENA’s Night Renewal Serum is designed to minimize the appearance of redness, and pores, brighten, and add hydration while ensuring the ingredients we chose were suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive. Oftentimes irritation can result from using too many products with different active ingredients. By simplifying and finding a singular formula that addresses your concerns, you minimize the chances of irritation occurring. Finding an effective serum is key for a minimalist skincare routine. After allowing your treatment to dry, you can move to the final step, moisturizer. 


Many serum formulations will add hydration to your skin. Moisturizers also add hydration but additionally, they work to lock hydration into your skin by using ingredients that help build a healthy skin barrier. Ingredients to look for include hyaluronic acid, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum, shea or cocoa butter, and oils such as jojoba, or squalene. These ingredients add moisture but also prevent moisture loss in your skin. We have two different moisturizers. Our Daily Hydration Moisturizer is a lighter texture and is better for oily to normal skin. Our Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream is rich and better for dry or mature skin. They can be used interchangeably, depending on your skin’s needs. You might prefer the thicker formula both day and night as many of our customers do. For daytime, make sure you are patting on an SPF after your moisturizer. Or, I like to mix equal amounts of a high-SPF lotion and my moisturizer together in my hand before applying to save time in my minimalist skincare routine. 


Does your skin need even more love? A thick, emollient type of balm can instantly soothe your skin after a day of windburn or fix a dry patch that just isn’t going away. You can apply it over top of your moisturizer before bed (this will feel sticky and add shine to your skin, so it’s best done in the evening). The other option is to apply a balm to damp skin immediately after washing. The goal is to seal in great hydrating ingredients for maximum benefits. This is a great addition to minimize flaking and irritation if you are doing any prescription retinoids, or drying laser treatments.

 Extra Treatments 

If a little pampering sounds nice, you can always incorporate extra treatments into your routine. A mask is a great way to target specific concerns, from excess oil with a clay-based mask, to a hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid. Our Gommage Crème offers a gentle way to manually exfoliate dry flaking skin, leaving it refreshed and ready for moisture. Our video here shows you how. You can also apply it overnight as a sleep mask, and gently rinse it off in the morning.  

The last step is to evaluate the products that remain. Those products you never reach for? Check the expiration date and throw them out if they are past or give them away to someone who may enjoy trying a new product (keep in mind, if fingers are touching the product directly, the garbage is the right move.) You are now on your way to a simple and streamlined minimalist skincare routine. Take those extra minutes you save and tackle the next bit of clutter weighing you down.