How do you feel most confident? While true confidence comes from within, there is something about having your skin look it’s best that leaves you willing to skip makeup and put those freckles on display. Summer in Minnesota is too short to be worrying about flawless makeup. We wanted to find out what makes YOU feel most confident and beautiful in your skin, so we reached out some of our customers and fans to learn more.

Loving your skin isn’t always easy, but for many it’s taking the time out for some self-care. Elizabeth Ries from Twin Cities Live feels most confident in her skin, “right after I get a facial or use an at-home mask.” Some at home masks work in as little as 10 minutes and are a nice treat for your skin while you knock out some of those endless items on your to-do list (just don’t go grocery shopping in a sheet mask unless you want some strange looks!)

For many, confidence in their skin comes in part, to genetics, but for others, like model Wendi Russo, there is more to it than winning the genetic lottery. She attributes much of her skin confidence to taking care of her skin. Wendi explains that her skin looks younger from “paying attention to the aging process by using moisturizer, eating healthy, and exercising over the years.” Something as simple as getting in a great work out a few times a week helps boost your circulation and minimizes your stress, leading to better sleep, and best of all, better looking skin!

For many of our fans, the best part about great looking skin is the ability to skip makeup and let their natural beauty shine!  Esthetician Susannah says, “I love my skin when it’s clear of breakouts. The feeling that I don’t have to wear foundation is so liberating!” Wendi agrees, sharing “I feel most confident in my skin when it is clear, not dry, my lines look fine and my tone is even, if I’m not wearing foundation and someone tells me I have great skin, that makes me feel great!” Little steps every day make a big difference toward improving the quality of your skin. Whether your makeup free days are daily, weekly, or more, feeling confident in your skin brightens every day.

When it comes to keeping your skin looking and feeling its very best, many people have a “holy grail” item. Elizabeth Ries and Shawn Brogan Diddy rely on BREVENA’s Restore and Hydrate Overnight Cream, but Esthetician Susannah is all about good exfoliation. “It helps my breakouts and my skin feels really smooth when I use a retinol or glycolic acid regularly.” Wendi often spends long days in heavy makeup for her job, “My one go-to skin care item is my cleanser because cleaning my skin well after wearing a lot of makeup on camera is probably the most important step for beautiful skin

While everyone’s skin has different needs, we can all agree that the first step to feeling confident is having healthy, glowing skin. In the end not only will it save you time, effort, and money (l can’t be the only one who easily spends over $100 on new makeup) but you will feel great about putting your best face forward! Cheers to a makeup free summer from BREVENA!