Vlogger Kristin Gehm Features BREVENA in Her Latest Haul Video

YouTube vlogger and fellow Midwest resident Kristin Gehm tackles everything beauty from skin care to the newest makeup on her popular channel. Being a Midwest girl, we knew we wanted her to try our fan favorite Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream and recently sent Kristin some of our products! Kristin has an impressive following, hosting a channel with over 30k subscribers! BREVENA was featured in one of her latest hauls; showcasing the products we had sent her to try out for herself. We cannot wait and see what more she has to say about our favorite Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream.

The influential power of YouTube is unmatched as it gives the average consumer the ability to see products in real life, seek honest reviews and watch demos on products they are interested in prior to purchase. The beauty sector on YouTube has grown to millions of views on these “vlogger” channels. They range in every age category and each have their unique style that attracts subscribers. YouTube has become an amazing platform for the average woman or man to connect with their favorite vlogger (like Kristin), learn about their favorites and give their unbiased opinion on what’s new to the beauty industry. We love watching Kristin’s videos and can’t wait to see her channel grow and evolve!