BLOG POST: Skin care through the seasons!


Did you know that as the seasons change, so should your skin care routine? Everything from the temperatures to the humidity of the air can impact how your skin looks and feels. For warmer temperatures, many people prefer to swap out their richer face creams for a light weight moisturizer. If you haven’t tried our Daily Hydration Moisturizer, now is the time. It hydrates with a feather light feel and contains our proprietary Macro B Complex® to keep your skin soft and protected.


This blog post from Inside-Out Beauty offers some suggestions on keeping your skin looking great as the season’s change.


“Have you ever noticed how your skin starts to look worse during the changing of the seasons?  Just like the weather deciding between warm and cold weather, your skin can’t decide between dry, normal, or oily skin (depending on your skin type).  This often results in embarrassing breakouts that can be annoying to cover up.  I’m not sure if you’ll be happy to hear, but this is completely normal.

As the seasons change, so must your skincare routine.  In the winter seasons your skin generally gets dryer, thus more moisturizing is need.  In the summer your skin generally needs a little less moisturizer (unless you’ve decided to bake under the sun).  Needless to say there is no clear cut definition between when to start your cold weather skin routine, or your warm weather skin routine.  One way of handling the changing seasons is to alternate between the two routines and gradually shift over the appropriate routine for the season, but that can be too much work for some.

When dealing with the changing of the seasons, and the dry skin or break out that ensue, you should be aware of what actually causes breakouts.  There are three general causes of breakouts.  The first cause of breakouts is what most people think of – the production of too much oil, or sebum.  The best way to remove the excess sebum (oil) is to wash your face regularly (at least twice a day) and to use a toner.

The second cause of breakouts is less known – dry skin.  When you have dry skin your sebaceous gland starts working overtime to produce more sebum, which then gets trapped under the damaged dry skin.  This should make you think twice before you try and “dry out” a pimple.  By “drying out” a pimple you might be making your skin worse and promote the repeated appearance of a pimple in the same place.

The third cause for breakouts is hormones.  When you (if you’re a woman that is) get close to your period you can get something called a “hormonal breakout” which has little to do with your skin, and everything to do with the changing hormone levels in your body.  Men can also have hormonal breakouts since your hormone levels fluctuate during the month as well.  Hormonal breakouts are harder to diagnose in men (unless they are going through puberty), but if you pay attention to your breakouts and notice them happening around the same time every 3-4 weeks it’s most likely hormonal.  (FYI: Hormone surges can also produce freckles, and moles.  Strong hormone surges can even create red freckles and moles.)  So remember, when dealing with breakouts, you need to be conscious of what kind of breakout you are actually dealing with before you can determine how to proceed.

At this point you might be glad to hear that there is one constant throughout the year – you need to use sunscreen.  Most of us seem to forget the importance of sunscreen during the winter months.   For those of you who forget your elementary science, the earth is tilted towards the sun during the winter months, meaning the sunlight we get during the winter months is stronger and more damaging to our skin.  That means you need to wear your sunscreen even though it’s cold outside!

So remember to take care of your skin, be conscious of what is happening outside and how your skin might be reacting to it, and always remember your sunscreen!”