The Science Behind Beautiful Skin

Macro B Complex is the cutting edge ingredient found in all BREVENA products. You may have heard about it on commercials or read about it on our website but I wanted to break down this ingredient and why it’s crucial for skin health!

What is Macro β Complex®?

Macro B Complex is previously known as Oat Beta Glucan (OBG). This element is derived from the cell wall of the oat and is purified and refined with our proprietary process right in our facility. This medical grade product is then incorporated into BREVENA’s entire line of skin care products.

Where did it get its start?

Macro B Technology originated with the discovery of the healing benefits of OBG to traumatized and damaged skin. Scientists consider this ingredient a biological response modifier which was revolutionary to the industry of wound healing. By infusing dressings, ointments and creams with this proprietary technology, it was introduced into burn centers around the world.  It successfully helped treat burns and wounds for over 20 years and continues to be a trusted staple in burn centers. The doctors and nurses using this technology on their patients began using it on their own skin to combat the drying effects of frequent hand-washing and chapped, dry, sensitive skin experienced from wearing masks in the operating room. Macro B Complex successfully nourished and restored their skin. From the medical arena to the consumer arena, BREVENA with Macro B Complex was born and is now available to everyone, for everyday skin health.

What makes Macro B Complex great?

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. By keeping your skin nourished and moisturized, your skin cells stay healthy, plump and tight to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Macro B Complex forms a protective barrier that locks in moisture and provides intense hydration to the skin combating environmental damage and free radicals. BREVENA with Macro B Complex provides an optimal environment for skin nourishment, hydration and cellular repair, leaving your skin healthy, smooth and glowing.

Why try BREVENA?

BREVENA is the only skin care line available with Macro B Complex. Many customers who were previous “product junkies” are now loyal BREVENA users and have stopped searching for their dream moisturizer. They see and feel the difference in their skin and we can’t wait for you to experience this as well!

Our legacy heals burns, imagine what we can do for your skin.