BREVENA and the American Burn Association 

Burn care awareness, education and prevention is something very close to the BREVENA team as we continually focus on skin health and wellness. Every year BREVENA attends the American Burn Association (ABA) annual meeting. This organization is invaluable to our history as the technology found in all BREVENA products got its beginning in burn centers worldwide. For over two decades, the Macro β Complex® (also known as Oat Beta Glucan) has been successfully used to restore and repair burned and traumatized skin.


Medical professionals working in these burn centers started requesting samples of these medical products for their personal use. It was from this demand that our skin care line for everyday skin health was born. Our passion and support of the burn community continues as we attend these national conferences. The ABA focuses on education and awareness of improvements in burn care through conferences, journals and fostering burn prevention. BREVENA attends to remain current in the burn community and gives back to a cause that has a deep rooted meaning to our company.


As we attend the ABA annual meeting in Boston this week, we are grateful the members of the burn community that devote their time and energy to continually working to improve the lives affected by burns. To learn more about the ABA visit their website: