One of the most remarkable things about our customers is once they try our products, not only are they delighted with their results, they want to shout their success from the rooftops! I had a chance to catch up with one of our devoted customers, Judith, who has battled painful foot issues over the years. She was given a tube of our Intensive Foot and Heel Repair at an event, and was overjoyed with the success she found. Dealing with dry, cracked, and split heels, Judith was frustrated with the lack of results with other foot creams, and was losing hope. Thankfully, she gave Brevena’s Intensive Foot and Heel Repair a try, and her search for a heel cream which truly works can now come to an end. Here is why Judith is hooked on Brevena:

Rachael: Hi Judith, thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! Christie [our Director of Marketing] told me how excited you were with the results, and I wanted to hear all about them.
Judith: No problem!
Rachael: What were some concerns with your feet prior to finding Brevena’s Intensive Foot and Heel Repair?
Judith: They were dry, cracked, rough, and wouldn’t heal.
Rachael: What were some issues you had with other heel creams?
Judith: I tried everything, Bag Balm®, which I had heard from many other people works wonders and Aquaphor®. Pretty much any foot product I saw, I tried. They just didn’t work.
Rachael: When did you notice a difference in your skin?
Judith: Right away, but after 3 days of applying the heel cream once at night and wearing socks [after application before bed] my heels were noticeably improved, with the large cracks healing. After a few weeks, the splits healed.
Rachael: What stood out the most in trying this foot cream?
Judith: How quickly it worked, and also it was easy to use. You just put it on your cracked feet once a day.
Rachael: Would you recommend Brevena Intensive Foot and Heel Repair to others in search of an effective heel cream?
Judith: I would definitely recommend it to others. I have given my friends some samples to try, and they love the foot repair, and the hand balm too. They are going to order some for themselves. My friend’s daughter has been using it on her psoriasis.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing our customers rave about our skin care products. The excitement in Judith’s voice made my day. Knowing how much painful foot ailments can impact a person’s quality of life, I am thrilled to work for a company that can help her achieve the positive results no other skin care products could. Thank you Judith for sharing your success!
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