Giving Back Some Love to Yourself

Ahh, the beauty of fall is here bringing with it colorful leaves, pumpkins, hayrides and everything cozy.  If your Facebook feed is like mine, it’s filled with pictures of mom friends enjoying fall festivities with their kids, friends and/or grandkids - but where are...

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Managing Eczema: Combating Winter Flare-ups

Statistics released by the National Eczema Association reveal that nearly 32 million people suffer from some form of eczema in the United States. Most people living with the disorder experience varied symptoms, including dermatitis that involves severe and unbearable...

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My Journey to Managing my Eczema

My journey with allergies and eczema began in my teens. I’ve always had sensitive skin but suddenly products that had previously been fine began making me itchy and blotchy. I switched to different products and it seemed to help but at the same time, I was having...

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Ingredients Matter

Great Ingredients.  They take a dessert from “yum” to “WOW”, a cocktail from “nice” to “OMG!” and your skin from “You look great!” to “Girl, your skin looks AMAZING!”  We at BREVENA know that top-notch, medical-grade ingredients are the cornerstone to skin that makes...

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Vacation Packing: Minimalism Style

Summer is all about travel, whether you choose to jet away on a girls trip or bring everyone to Disney, learning to pack like a minimalist is a skill that will serve you well for years to come! Now that the tickets are bought and your dream vacay is not far off, it’s...

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Summer Skin Confidence-Let it Glow!

How do you feel most confident? While true confidence comes from within, there is something about having your skin look it's best that leaves you willing to skip makeup and put those freckles on display. Summer in Minnesota is too short to be worrying about flawless...

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