As we look into spring, we want to feel fresh. If you are looking for a skin treatment for yourself or the perfect gift for the special woman in your life, take a peek below for some great skin treatment ideas.

Relaxation: Facials and body treatments are the perfect way to feel refreshed, pampered and relaxed. Envision refreshing scrubs with invigorating ingredients like coffee and papaya, yummy masks that will leave you glowing, and a relaxing massage from head to toe. Ok, sign me up!

Results: Feel like more corrective measures are needed? Try a medical-grade facial found at Med Spa’s or a microdermabrasion for deeper resurfacing without a lot of downtime. These treatments will smooth skin texture, deep clean and exfoliate, giving your skin a fresh glow. Be sure to maintain your results after these treatments by keeping your skin hydrated with a rich moisturizer and your favorite SPF. Feel like you need to shave off a few years of sun damage? Chemical peels or Micro-needling treatments are perfect for correcting long term skin damage. They will stimulate collagen production to help repair wrinkles and loss of elasticity and slough off layers of damaged skin cells to even out skin tone. A consultation with an Esthetician is recommended to determine what approach and treatment plan is best for you.

Revive: Spring is here! Treat yourself to a new step in your home skin care regimen. As the weather warms up, try to incorporate a light facial oil to instantly give your skin a supple texture and glow. If you struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, a facial oil can smooth and hide them since most of us are a little dehydrated to begin with. These oils provide not only the right amount of hydration but anti-inflammatory effects as well that support the skin’s barrier function. Another way to revive your skin is to focus on often neglected areas such as hands and feet. Your bathtub can become a foot spa oasis with a few candles, some scented epsom salts, and a hydrating treatment with our Intensive Foot & Heel Repair applied after a quick soak.


Susannah Courteau

Advanced Practice Esthetician

& Skin Health Consultant