Personally, I think that February comes at the perfect time of year!  Let’s be honest, January is a tough month!  We are all recovering from energy depletion following travel, family time, and just plain cold weather which leaves us feeling a little blah.  Then comes January when we want to start fresh and make some personal commitments, but this often requires more energy to initiate and maintain than we have on a good day.  It’s no surprise that by February we are all feeling the need for a little love. For me, I’m talking about love of self:  time dedicated to unwind, relax and refill my soul with good books, good food, a slower pace, and a little pampering.

Stress most definitely takes a toll on our body, mind and spirit, and by February we can often not only feel the effects but see them as well.  Stress effects the way we feel and how we look. I see many clients come in this time of year feeling fatigued and run down and their skin tells a similar story.  When we get stressed, our bodies release cortisol, our fight or flight hormone.  Cortisol increases the skin’s natural oil production, aiding acne breakouts- which is cause for even more stress.  Cortisol also decreases the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer, causing the skin to be dry, dull and dehydrated.  Sound conflicting?  It is, and skin that is both dry and oily is unbalanced, unhappy skin in need of some skin love.

When we take a moment to pause, whether it be spending an extra five minutes or an extra hour at home or away for a special treat or treatment, we FEEL refilled and calm. When we take an extra-long shower to use the brand-new loofa and some heavenly scented body wash and breathe in that glorious steam, our muscles relax, our blood pressure lowers, and all of a sudden there’s no longer an urgent rush to clean up those dinner dishes. Break out that body lotion and see how quick your limbs drink it in. When we take more care with our skin routine, everything is absorbed better.  We remember to use the eye cream, and we just MIGHT dig out that sugar lip scrub that we’ve been “saving” (for what momentous day I have no idea). Hey, go crazy and light that candle while you’re at it and enjoy yourself some ambiance with a glass of wine – just because you should and it makes life lovelier.  I guarantee you’ll go to bed more relaxed and wake up looking and feeling like a million bucks.

My at home advice for my clients? If you’re stressed or feeling run down, get a diffuser and just a couple essential oil blends designed for relaxation or anxiety.  one of my favs is Wyndemer Anxiety Relief Synergistic Blend… it smells divine! My husband can notices when I’m diffusing it or when I put it on my wrists before bed and says,“What is that, it smells relaxing?” Yes honey. That’s cuz’ it is.

For your face, you first need to determine what your actual skin care needs are.  Call and speak to your esthetician to evaluate if your skin needs calming, hydrating or detoxification.  Maybe she will switch your moisturizer to something more appropriate to the weather or introduce a night cream.  My favorite is BREVENA’s Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream.  It’s great for all skin types, sans the most oily, and revives and soothes your skin while you sleep so you can wake up with the suppleness and glow you desire. Maybe your esthetician will recommend an exfoliating serum to help safely and gently slough off those dead skin cells.  My go to is IS Clinical Active Serum. Ready to mask? Masking provides a concentrated boost of moisture, calming or detoxing.  For acne prone skin I love to use Eminence Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque and for sensitive or dry skin the BREVENA Gommage Creme will calm and hydrate! Don’t forget your fingers and toes people! There’s nothing more unappealing than cracked or crusty digits.  Before you crawl into bed and before you head out to conquer the day apply a thin layer of BREVENA Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm. It absorbs, protects and fixes those cracks. After all, SKIN MATTERS.  LOVE YOUR SKIN. ?


Written by:

Susannah Courteau

Advanced Practice Esthetician

BREVENA Laboratories Skin Health Expert