The skincare landscape changes rapidly, so it’s no wonder that predictions for upcoming trends are highly sought after.  We sat down with Advanced Practice Esthetician and Skin Health Consultant, Susannah Courteau, to inquire about her predictions for 2019 Skin Care Trends.  Here are her thoughts on the top trends for the coming year:

  1. Replenishing Oils: The use of replenishing oils in skin care has grown significantly in the past year.  I see this trend not only continuing but growing significantly in 2019.  We grew up hearing “fat free” food was the gold standard and up till recently, the same thing has been propagated in skincare. Thankfully we’ve learned that fat doesn’t actually make you fat (thank you avocados), and in skincare the right oils aren’t greasy and can actually help breakouts. There are a multitude of emollients and fat-based ingredients for the skin that are absolutely phenomenal.  They provide not only the right amount of hydration but anti-inflammatory effects as well that support the skins barrier function. Thank you to science, for putting the spotlight on the proper way to hydrate!


  1. Blue Light Awareness: Technology is now part of our day to day existence and while we love our apps, they can have a negative effect on our skin. Thankfully, awareness is growing about the many harmful effects that blue light can have on our bodies including the long-term damaging effects it can have on our skin.  I predict that the role of antioxidants and reparative ingredients in skin care will take on an elevated position in 2019.


  1. Treatments and Masks: This is a current trend that I see increasing in the coming year.  I like to think that this trend is a reflection of the changing mindset in our society around self-care.  Multitasking has its limits and its hazards. Thankfully, we are beginning to realize the importance of self-care by slowing down and taking time for ourselves to relax and rebalance.  Treating your skin with something special like a mask or scrub is the perfect, healthy way to accomplish this, and it feels amazing!  Trade that last email for a hydrating cleansing mask like the BREVENA Gommage Creme instead.  I promise, you won’t regret it.


Written By, Susannah Courteau, Advanced Practice Esthetician and Skin Health Consultant with BREVENA Laboratories.