Cleaning Timelines for Healthy Skin

Cleaning Timelines for Healthier Skin

Healthy, clear skin is more than just skin care. Everything from hormones and stress to environment can impact how your skin looks and feels. While you can’t control everything, some easy fixes are ensuring the household items that come in contact with your face and skin stay clean and sanitized, keeping your skin as clear as possible. Here is a list of common items around your home and how frequently you should be cleaning them.

  1. Bedsheets

I love slipping into soft, freshly washed sheets. I know it’s easy to get busy and forget this task. Experts recommend changing your sheets weekly to minimize breakouts. To make it easy, I have two identical sets I rotate weekly to keep my bedding clean and my skin clear. Use hot water and “free and clear” detergent if your skin is sensitive.

  1. Phones

We are constantly using our phones, whether talking or texting, your phone can become a hotspot for bacteria and oils. If you tend to breakout along your jawline, your phone may be the culprit. A quick swipe of hand sanitizer on a tissue or soft cloth will kill the germs that can transfer from your finger and phone to your face.

  1. Loofahs

These body sponges are great for building suds, but the damp environment of the shower can create a perfect environment for breakout causing bacteria to grow. Throw your loofah in the washing machine every few days, and hang dry. A better solution? Switch out the loofah for a washcloth you replace after each use.

  1. Hands

How often are you touching your face during the day? More often than you think! Keep your hands clean without the hassle by utilizing alcohol free hand sanitizer. These products won’t dry out your skin and will work to help eliminate bacteria that can cause blemishes.

  1. Bras and Pajamas

While face breakouts are frustrating, body breakouts can also be annoying. Keep your chest and back clear by washing your bras and pajamas after three uses. Try handwashing or using your washer’s delicate cycle to keep your items clean, without wearing them out too quickly. If you are wearing a sports bra for working out, change out of it following your workout to allow any sweat to evaporate instead of being trapped on your skin.