6 Skin Care Habits That Are Bad for Your Skin!

Bad Habits! We all have them. We are here to give you some guidance on some things you do that are keeping you from having your best skin ever!

Bad Habit #1: Not wearing sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Premature aging is caused by many factors, but the number one is sun damage! Most of this is done when you don’t realize it. Riding in the car, winter days with cloud cover, and even sitting by a window at lunch. Many times you only use sunscreen when you think you will need it, but the truth is, you need it every day. It is easy to find a sunscreen you like. Aim for at least SPF 30 and apply generously (at least a teaspoon for your face and neck) after your morning moisturizer.

Bad Habit #2: Not Exfoliating

One of the easiest ways to achieve glowing skin is with exfoliation. Many different products help your skin release the dry dull cells, but my favorite is a cleanser or toner with glycolic or salicylic acid (I still have the occasional breakout, and scrubs seem to aggravate my blemishes). You can also use an overnight acid based brightening serum or a gentle scrub (rotating brush, washcloths, or even baking soda paste) will help cell turnover and reveal fresh skin.

Bad Habit #3: Pimple Picking

Pimples have the best (or worst) timing. It might seem like a great idea to give it a squeeze, but it’s an easy way to introduce bacteria and cause a minor bump to morph into a mountain worthy of its own zip code (leading to long term redness and scaring). As tough as it is, the best cure for a pimple is to leave it alone and become a master of disguise with some strategic makeup placement. For the best results, apply an ice cube to minimize swelling, apply a spot treatment (my favorites contain benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria) and find a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone, lightly applying thin layers until covered. To keep it hidden, don’t forget to set with translucent powder.

Bad Habit #4: Too Many Products

Like many things in life, simple is best, skin care included. BREVENA holds true to this philosophy by offering a simple skincare routine that still gives you amazing results. Their face creams offer hydration and are perfect for sensitive skin.  If you have other products you love, you can still continue to use them in combination with their creams.  Skin care doesn’t need to be complex, just consistent.

Bad Habit #5: Being Face Focused

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that shows its age. Those same ingredients you apply to your face, help firm, tone and tighten everywhere! When you apply your skin treatments, take time to massage a bit into your neck and chest. Taking time to put sunscreen on these areas daily will help prevent premature aging. A spot you often overlook but needs some TLC is your hands. Apply hand cream before bed (BREVENA’S Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm is hydrating and will soothe the driest of skin) and don’t forget to put on sunscreen in the morning and after you wash your hands. It will help keep your hands soft and free of pigmentation.

Bad Habit #6: Addressing One Skin Care Concern at a Time

This one is common for those who are 25–35 who still get clogged pores and breakouts, yet they are noticing fine lines and wrinkles. For these issues you need the best of both worlds. While you may want to dry out your breakouts, this can cause your skin to overcompensate with oil production, leaving you greasy, flaky and red. For giving acne and fine lines the boot, use a salicylic acid toner and a lightweight moisturizer to balance your skin.