Smooth-Heels-Rough-Skin-ReliefTreatment for Cracked Heels | Dry Cracked Feet

BREVENA’s Intensive Foot & Heel Repair with Macro B Complex™ is highly concentrated and specially formulated to heal cracked sore heels and soften sore rough skin. Prone to rubbing and friction, the skin on the feet is thicker and can easily form painful calluses. Intensive Foot & Heel Repair softens sore, cracked heels and calluses and helps repair painful fissures and cracks by intensely moisturizing severely damaged, rough skin. Macro B Complex provides an invisible and occlusive seal to deeply moisturize and protect your skin, reducing skin discomfort, irritation and dryness. Brevena is your treatment for dry cracked heels.

We had 31 people try Brevena’s Intensive Foot & Heel Repair during an independent clinical trial and they showed:

  • 100% showed improvement in skin texture
  • 100% showed improvement in skin hydration after 1,2,4,and 6 weeks of use
  • 100% showed improvements in hydration of the skin hydration after one use
  • 100% agreed that the product left their skin feeling softer

Brevena’s Intensive Foot & Heel Repair with Macro B Complex is a direct extension of uniting proven medical science withbeauty for optimum skin health and hydration. This ingredient has been used successfully for over two decades managing severe skin loss in burn centers around the world, and is still in use in hospitals today. Dermatologist tested, trusted and endorsed by the medical field, Brevena’s signature ingredient, Macro B Complex, has been introduced into all of its luxury skin care products.