BREVENA Offers Relief in the Face of Challenges

Cancer. A word many are all too familiar with. It seems we all know someone who is a survivor or is fighting this disease. BREVENA’S CEO Barb recently completed her treatment for non-smokers lung cancer and through this process I have learned about how many are affected by lung cancer and the improvements to be made when it comes to funding and research.

Barb had the opportunity to tell her story on Twin Cities Live in March, and it was through this segment we were able to discover new fans and a niche for BREVENA Products. Sheila is one of those new fans. As a lung cancer survivor, she knows the energy sapping side effects various cancer treatments and had an afternoon ritual of making a cup of tea and getting a Twin Cities update by watching Twin Cities Live. She was able to catch our segment featuring Barb and felt a real connection to Barb’s journey through lung cancer. “Here was someone going through the same things as me, and having the same issues in regards to her skin!” Sheila admired Barb’s courage and transparency with her cancer battle and as a volunteer for A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation, Sheila wanted to connect the Foundation with BREVENA. Sheila reached out to Nancy (A Breath of Hope Foundation’s Executive Director) and told her about Barb.

Through A Breath of Hope Foundation, BREVENA has had the opportunity to reach a community of men and women who are going through the same challenges Sheila and Barb both faced. Often times we focus on the bigger issues that arise with going through cancer treatments and forget about the little things many endure. Sheila reminded me of the importance and value for those going through treatment to take a few minutes for themselves and feel pampered and beautiful. Whether it’s taking a bath, putting on your favorite moisturizer, or buying a new book, these rituals all help with a patient’s mental well-being throughout the process. Sheila also noted so many in treatment have fragrance sensitivities and issues with their skin being dry and prone to cracking. It didn’t take long for Sheila to fall in love with BREVENA.  After using our Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream for only a short time, she noticed how nourished her skin felt and was so impressed she called her husband into the bathroom to feel her face (Sheila told me he agreed, even he was surprised at her request!) She LOVES the product and also loves that by supporting BREVENA she is supporting a local business, and is helping BREVENA grow and reach more people who might have the same concerns and issues with their skin.

BREVENA is working to reach those going through treatment by offering them samples of BREVENA, allowing them to experience the results of truly hydrated and healthy skin. We had the opportunity to sponsor and attend A Breath of Hope Foundation’s Golf Event where we met some remarkable survivors and connected with those involved in this organization. BREVENA will also be a participating sponsor for A Breath of Hope Foundation’s Annual Twin Cities Run/Walk. This 5K event is open for registration and takes place on August 13th at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.