Get Organized: Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Work Space and Head Space Clear

If your work space is a complete disaster, there is a strong possibility that your head space is just as cluttered. It’s time you got organized so that you can go to bed each night knowing there is a clean slate for the morning.

Remove the Clutter: What you may think are productive piles, are actually overpowering clutter stacks, which can cause you to be overwhelmed and unfocused. Purge what you don’t need by shredding old, no-longer-useful documents, tossing that file of holiday cards, and anything else that is not currently in your work space repertoire.

Create a Filing System: If haven’t yet graduated to a digital filing system, now is the time. Any document you have received that needs filing can easily be scanned and filed on your computer, dropbox or cloud. There is just no need for a paper trail any more.

Use Drawer Space Wisely: Shoving desk items haphazardly into a drawer just transfers the clutter from the top of your desk to the inside, and won’t solve any of you work space chaos issues. Pick up drawer organizers and put sticky pads, paper clips, chargers, thumb drive, etc. in places that are easily accessible to the tasks on-hand. In addition, drawers are perfect for a few personal items such as deodorant, compact, tampons and lipstick for when you need to go from office to cocktail party.

Clean Up Before You Leave: The key to having peace of mind as you walk out the office door is to make sure that your desk is neat and ready for the next day before you leave. This will help your mind relax so that you can enjoy the evening ahead.