It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so don’t let holiday travel stress you out. We’ve got some tips to help survive the rigmarole that is holiday travel!

1. Light Luggage
If possible, avoid checking baggage! Eliminate worry about lost gifts and having to wait for your luggage to arrive on the conveyor belt. If you do check your luggage, make sure you bring a change of clothes, medications and other important items with you in your carry-on. Plan your packing list in advance in order to make sure you don’t forget anything and can pack as light as possible. Wheels up!

2. Skincare at 30,000 Feet
Flying can take a major toll your skin! Whether it’s a short flight or long journey, your skin may start to feel extremely dry. Using a moisturizer before, after or during your flight can help to hydrate skin at high altitudes. Brevena’s Daily Hydration Moisturizer will help to improve your skin’s hydration and luminosity. Despite the altitude and cabin air, your skin will feel more silky smooth and radiant with Brevena!

3. Stay in the Loop
Stay connected! Make sure your smartphone is fully charged when you arrive at the airport so you can stay in the loop in regards to gate changes, flight delays or cancellations and other important information from your airline. Be sure to download helpful apps to get you through the airport as quickly as possible like Flight Status and GateGuru, too!

4. Take a Deep Breath
Accept that holiday travel stress is a part of the season. So, take a deep breath, and be thankful that you’re able to travel to see those close to your heart during the holidays! After all, airports and flights can make for some hilarious dinner table stories. Ready, set, breathe.