Having to deal with bleeding, painful and cracked hands is an experience that no one should go through; unfortunately this was a part of Tami’s daily life as a Mosaic Artist living in Santa Barbara. Due to her artistry, Tami struggled with very dry, cracked and rough hands because of the materials she works with when creating her mosaic masterpieces. Even with the use of protective gloves, working with the harsh and drying mosaic materials left her with cut, cracked and bleeding hands. After other products had failed, she was referred to try our Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm by one of her students and she started to notice a difference. Using our rich, and deeply hydrating balm only at night, she saw amazing results within a week. Her hands felt and looked better and stayed hydrated throughout the day. Now a month later Tami is still using our Hand & Cuticle Therapy Balm and you can see the incredible change in the health of her hands. It is truly remarkable how finding the right product can change someone’s life and allow them to continue pursuing their passion.

When I spoke with Tami she proudly announced,



“I finally have nicer hands than my husband!”

Tami plans to continue using our balm as apart of her daily routine so her hands will stay healthy, hydrated in a ready to create state. She highly recommends our Hand and Cuticle Therapy Balm to her artist colleagues or the mosaic art students she teaches to at All Cracked Up Mosaics in Santa Barbara, California.

Thank you for sharing your BREVENA story with us Tami. We look forward to seeing your next work of art!

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