Things change once you have a baby. Long lavish dinners with friends are replaced with endless mountains of spit up riddled laundry and suddenly those twenty four hours in a day fly by. Since I’ve returned to work, I need to be even more efficient with my time. In some cases, this means making sacrifices. I am not up to date on the latest season of The Bachelor, I have become besties with my slow cooker (bring on the hot soups in July), and the days of a three step skin care regimen are long gone. I need my makeup products to be mini MacGyver’s and be useful for more than just one thing (I’m looking at you, lip scrub). I want a skin care product that can do it all; keep my sensitive skin from breaking out, can be used not just on me, but on other members of my family. For me, this do it all multitasker is Brevena Restorative Skin Balm.

Brevena Restorative Skin Balm was recently awarded the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association. This wonderful steroid free and fragrance free skin care product is something I trust on the most sensitive skin; including my sixth month old daughter. I love its versatility! It can be applied for many common ailments, such as diaper rash or an eczema treatment, my husband’s rough wind chapped skin, my even my dry winter legs with its heavy duty moisturizers. Why have five different tubes of moisturizer sitting around when one wonder balm can do it all? Saves time, saves trips to the store, and best of all saves dry, sensitive, and eczema prone skin!

What is your go to product as a new mom or dad?