A simple and consistent skincare routine is crucial. Using a high-quality moisturizer on a regular basis is one of the key methods to improving the look and feel of your skin. From oil-prone to chronically dry, all skin types benefit from a consistent moisturizing routine. The order in which you apply your products can have an impact on their efficacy and the way they interact with your skin. Follow this routine to help get the most out of your skincare:

1.  Cleanse your skin

Moisturizing requires a clean slate. We recommend cleansing your skin in the morning when you wake up and at night before bed. Find a good cleanser that gets rid of daily grime and leaves your face clean, refreshed and never stripped or dry.


2.  Apply your booster or serum by pressing gently into your skin 

Allow time for the product to absorb before moving on to your next step. The main benefit of serums or boosters is to add nutrients into deeper layers of the skin. These products usually have one active ingredient that is meant to address specific skin concerns, like dark spots or acne.

Apply Serum

3.  Apply Brevena Daily Hydration Moisturizer in the morning and Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream before bed

Warm cream between your fingertips and gently apply to your face, starting from your cheeks and working upwards in a circular motion. Your cheeks are usually the driest area of your face and starting here will help to hydrate where you need it most. Working your way upwards and into your T-zone will distribute your moisturizer evenly and will help to balance oil production.


4.  Wait for the cream to absorb before applying makeup, sunscreen or any other products

Not allowing enough time for your moisturizer to absorb before applying other products is one of the biggest skincare mistakes you can make. Putting on makeup or sunscreen before the cream is fully absorbed can inhibit the cream’s effectiveness and prevent it from creating a protective moisture barrier between your skin and the environment.


If you follow this simple routine, you will immediately feel the Brevena difference. Skin matters to us, and we encourage everyone to love their skin.