April 21st-23rd, Brevena launched a consumer line with an overwhelmingly positive response from colleagues at the American Burn Association (ABA) Annual Meeting in Chicago. Brevena’s roots are in burn care and the team was happy to be back at the conference to support the medical professionals, their research, and to remain steadfast in our founding commitment to optimal skin health. The technology at the core of Brevena – Macro β Complex – is still used in pharmaceutical devices today due to its profound effects on the recovery process of severely damaged skin. Not only are these specialists firsthand witnesses to the tremendously positive impact of Macro β Complex, but they are also our inspiration for releasing the consumer line.

They requested that we create a product for them to use at home with the same rejuvenating technology they have used on their patients for decades. The constant cycle of washing and sanitizing left their skin dry, cracked and scaly. We heard time and time again that Brevena is the one and only skincare line that helped address this chronic dryness. Bridging the gap between beauty and advanced medical technology, our proprietary Macro β Complex is the X-factor that has doctors and nurses turning to Brevena when looking to care for their own skin.

We were thrilled to finally present the new skincare line to the ABA. We were met with ecstatic faces that came back day after day to tell us the immediate improvement they saw in their skin after they used Brevena overnight. We heard from doctors and nurses how Brevena made their skin feel hydrated without the typical residue left by other products. At the end of the day, Brevena made their skin feel normal; the way it was meant to feel. They no longer had to worry about the sensitive skin on their faces or hands and could focus 100% on caring for their patients.

We filmed exciting testimonials from plastic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and general practitioners that deal with severely damaged skin on a regular basis. 20 years after it was first introduced in the medical arena, they were all still blown away by the groundbreaking technology behind Brevena. Through both the ABA conference and word-of-mouth amongst industry peers, we constantly discover new uses and stories about our products.

We’ve seen the positive reactions from medical professionals who all said they would recommend Brevena not only to their patients, but also to their friends, family and colleagues. All of the attendees at the ABA live our mantra every day and know that #SkinMatters and you should #LoveYourSkin so if you suffer from chronically dry skin, or are looking for something simple, gentle, and free from harsh fragrances or steroids, Brevena is your answer!