We have all heard about in-office procedures that can get you results without going under the knife. Injections, peels, and lasers treatments are just some of the options available to address the visual signs of aging. Once you have experienced one of these, you’ll want to invest in a quality skincare that will help soothe your skin and help extend the life of your procedure. Brevena Skincare is the perfect solution to sensitive skin, formulated with its revolutionary Macro β Complex.

First, it is important to understand some of the treatments available to you. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane or Juvéderm fill in a variety of problem areas like crow’s feet and smile lines. Botox injections help soften and relax the wrinkles around your eyes, the “eleven lines”, and lines along the forehead. A nonablative fractional Lazer treatment like Fraxel will help to improve skin tone and texture.

The cost of these procedures range anywhere from $300-$2500 per session. In addition, many need to be repeated every 4-6 months to maintain results. That is a lot of management, and can leave your skin feeling very sensitive.

Brevena skincare was specifically developed for the most sensitive skin. If you choose to go through one of the aforementioned in-office procedures, you can continue to use Brevena to help soothe and deliver intensive hydration where you need it most. Rest assured that it will not compromise the effects of your treatment or irritate to your already-sensitive skin, as all of our products are fragrance and steroid free.

Our revolutionary Macro β Complex bridges the gap between beauty and advanced medical technology. Originating in burn care, the technology at the core of Macro β Complex continues to be used in the medical industry to help care for severely damaged and burned skin. There are many similarities in caring for damaged skin and caring for healthy skin. They both require intensive hydration that works two ways – both supplying the deep skin layers with skin-healthy ingredients, and creating a moisture barrier to maintain hydration. Brevena’s proprietary Macro β Complex delivers on both.

Seeing is believing! In a recent consumer study, 100% of participants saw an immediate improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increased hydration, calmed and soothed skin, as well as an improvement in firmness, elasticity and texture. At Brevena, #SkinMatters and we want you to #LoveYourSkin. Trust Brevena to help your skin look and feel healthy & youthful, long after your in-office procedure.